Welcome to a taste of Bulgaria, here we aim to give people help to fid somewhere they love in Bulgaria by experiencing living there for a taster first. It also give locals or expats a chance top rent a room or a house they have vacant.

Easy to Create a Bulgarian Property Listings

We have created a simple form for anyone who wants to list their property to be able to. Simply create an acount for FREE and once created you can start posting. At no point will this service charge a fee for either the seller or buyer. It is simply a way for the two party’s to connect.

Please be aware that all posts get viewed manually before getting verified for safety reasons so please be patient. We will change the method so that once you have been approved you can post freely after but once we are more established as a website.

Add up to 5 pictures of your property and list in it one of the categories provided.


  • For Sale
  • For Rent (Long-term)
  • Holiday Rent (Short-term)
  • Rent a Room
  • House Swap

What Is The Aim of Taste of Bulgaria

Like the title stated, it is to give everyone a chance of getting a taste of Bulgaria. With some of my family living out there and me also visiting a few times. I realised that there is so much to see and learn which you simply wont find out by having a holiday in a resort area.

There also is a lot of empty house in Bulgaria or people that could do with the extra income and have a few rooms or another property sat there empty.

So the idea is to simply connect everyone together and for free rather than charging large estate agent fees to connect buyer to seller or anyone interested in seeing what it is like without the pressure to buy straight away.

By enabling people to simply rent there house for an amount of time, it will give the owner some income but also will give the person visiting a much better view of the real Bulgaria. Not just a beach resort but the amazing scenery, country side, markets, food shops and everything that makes Bulgaria so special.

We have also included the house swap option in case it might be that one family is in a much larger house than they can handle and another is need space. Either way choose your category, leave a great detailed explanation and hopefully your will be connecting with the right person soon.

Of course another aspect is selling your house in Bulgaria. Feel free to list your house to sell and hopefully your will haver a buyer approaching you soon. Make sure to leave as much detail as possible so everyone can get a clear idea of what your property is like.

Problems uploading the image?

If your having problems uploading the image to the property listings then it will most likely be one of two things.

Image Size

It has to be a maximum of 1500 wide and also in height. Anything over wont be accepted.

Image File Size

Due some pictures being enormous in size we have to set a limit on the upload sizes. To keep the same pictures but simply make the size smaller we suggest using Optimizilla to simply compress it and use the same picture.

Our Blog

We will update our blogs around once a week and keep everyone up to date on our latest news. Sales, new members and anything else news worthy!

Thanks for reading and we will catch you again next time.


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